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Up Grout Creek

GG was up a creek this week…and no, not in a bad way.

You see I’ve been able to hike and walk longer distances again for the first time in five years.

It is seriously a happy thing and I am hopeful that I am at last heading to recovery.

So, I ambled up the creek because below Grout Creek bridge it is dry, dry, dry–which means no trout will be running this year unless the water manages to filter down.

Once you get past the Fawnskin Post Office and closer to the Pedersen’s Saw Mill, you find water and it is actually slowly meandering down from the hills but at a very low volume compared to years past.

In fact, I was surprised to be able to amble up the creek bed.


Another big joy this week was seeing the bald eagle pair over in Grout bay.

My normal camera bit the dust and my cell camera isn’t strong enough to zoom in so you have to have an eagle eye to see it.

However, on my way back to town yesterday afternoon, both birds were in the tree.

The alert came initially from the distinctive call.

If you have never heard their cries or seen them vocalize, I found a couple of good video snippets:

Grout Bay continues to remain closed until late May due to the breeding season and activity of the local bald eagles.

Keep your eyes, binoculars and scopes out so you can catch a glimpse of these great birds.

Fawnskin Fire Official Update

The fire has been held to 30 acres and containment is now 91%, with full containment expected Friday evening.

Crews will continue constructing and improving hand lines, and reducing hotspot within the fire interior.

Firefighters will continue to reduce and mitigating hazard trees and snags.

At no time were any structures, private lands threatened or any evacuation orders in place.

Forest Road 2N71 is closed on the west at Forest Road 3N12 and on the east at Forest Road 2N09 Polique Canyon.

A portion of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) was temporarily rerouted for public safety and now has re-opened.

On a final note, I survived my birthday despite having to spend all day doing medical stuff but I’d say that is a good way to start my new year.

Chat with you on Tuesday.

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