A Good Egg

Fawnskin Clouds

GG loves nature and so I tend to snap a lot of nature photos and since we’ve had so many beautiful clouds lately, this one was a “have to” snap.

Around these parts things have been a bit quiet again.

At the homestead, new paint is going up outside and I have to clear inside…sometime soon.

The place down next to the Fawnskin Market has been getting some additional work done.

New doors were being hung this week but nobody seems to know what is happening there yet.

At the moment, we all suspect it is being prepared as a residence but since many commercial locations let you also have a business, it may eventually have both.

In the mean while–GG saw a big ol’ Jacuzzi tub going in and that doesn’t seem like an indicator of a new hot dog establishment.

Mike told me that he will extend the Fawnskin Market hours but not until Memorial Day Weekend. Hours then will likely be 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Speaking of Mike…we have more than one and our Post Master is back at it.

His wife’s recovery from shoulder surgery was a bit slower than expected since it was more involved than originally anticipated.

She is recovering but needed a bit more TLC than originally suspected.

Now GG was walking up a storm but got a bit tuckered out since I went from a long hiatus and resting to full throttle almost overnight.

I had to cut back on walking for a short time but managed to go get some eggs from the Varga homestead.

Locals might know that it was a serious hike up and down some hills which was a bit tough.

A good egg is hard to find and worth the trek.

Bob and Nancy have some more, so if you want ’em, just call ahead (951) 741-2935 and tell them GG sent ‘cha.

California Poppy

Things around Fawnskin are blooming!

Lots of color bursts are everywhere and local volunteers are out beautifying Fawnskin.

Beautiful blooms are everywhere and I love hearing the birds in the early morning and watching the plants go crazy.

The willows have been super busy trying to get pollinated and I am glad I started consuming local honey to help thwart some of those allergies.

The bee lady also got me some fresh bee pollen this week and what a BIG difference between the organic I ordered and the fresh stuff.

Want some yourself? You can find Colleen at the Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays.

Spring fever has hit and we have a bunch of critters out cattin’ around.

What seems odd is that we have an unusual amount of feral cats this year.

The good news is that I discovered that a non-profit group in Big Bear City helps get feral cats spayed and neutered.

Although I need to call the BBC vet, VCA will conduct the procedures and also provide a live trap (with a $25 deposit) to help.

GG is thinking of trapping that mean ol’ grey tabby and getting that black and white male over for some fixin’ soon.

If you have any feral cats around you, let me know in the comments since there are also group programs and if there are enough maybe we can round them up for treatment.


That’s all folks!

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2 Responses to “A Good Egg

  • 1
    KC Dancey
    May 15th, 2013 20:33

    Hi GG! I’ve been reading your blog, enjoying your local take on Big Bear’s bounty. Decided to travel, thus picking your brains is on my agenda…thanks for listening, hope you don’t mind. I’m bringing my elderly mother up from San Diego after Memorial Day. Fawnskin looks like a promising day trip. Can you recommend a VERY easy hiking path in Fawnskin? We plan on visiting the 911 memorial, too. Bird watching tours; strictly for migration day or do they also host midweek? Thank you for your dedication to the blog. I showed the eagle pics to my mom–she’s a big birder!


  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    May 21st, 2013 07:05

    KC sorry for the delay in responding. Hope you had a great visit!