Fawnskin Lately


Fawnskin has been perkier than normal due to the great weather.

Yes, GG thinks summer is here and locals have been busy cleaning and clearing property while visitors enjoy the hiking, biking, kayaking and eating.

So, Candy Hallstead was out meeting and greeting property owners last weekend during her annual dumpster day.

In case you are not aware, the event takes place the weekend before the Memorial Day so locals can enjoy the convenience of clearing and cleaning without losing a lot of time driving over to the dump.


Candy is one savvy Real Estate Agent since meeting and greeting both full-time and part-time residents is a great way to build a rapport with locals and if they ever decide to sell, guess who they can call?

In fact, I met one local there whose house (on Canyon) was for sale with Candy as the agent.



Lots of people came in and out while I was there.

Some drove, some pushed wheel barrows and then there were the smart residents down the block who held yard sales.

Get rid of your trash and go grab some new goods just down the street?


In case you forgot, Jimi has been holding a yard sale every weekend to clear out his house.

I tend to stop by to say hello and see what is new. This week it was all movies and games–along with furniture, glassware, etc.

It is a great excuse to walk down the road and say hello.

Plus, he is dog friendly and Bear dog got a bit of lovin’ and treats while there.

What could be better?

Fawnskin Beautification

Although locals call it “dumpster day” it is really part of the Fawnskin beautification efforts that locals participate in.

Down at the Fawnskin Post Office, Sister Annette’s Memorial Garden was getting a face lift.

Flowers in all the gardens are producing their glorious blooms–in the after Mother’s Day tradition.

If you are not familiar with that, the Big Bear Valley tends to get snow and low temperatures through Mother’s Day, so local high altitude gardeners tend to wait until after to plant.

Fawnskin Five Star Postal Customer Service

Grandpa Mike

Post Master Mike was happy to report that his wife’s recovery from shoulder surgery is going well.

They have another appointment coming up in the first week of June.

GG had to let him know that Steve, his relief from Crestline was awesome but that the one from the BBC Post Office on Saturday was incredibly rude and abrasive.

We are spoiled around these parts but it makes you appreciate the great experience and customer service we have around here.

The good news that came in this week is that he will become a grandpa in December!

He was very excited to share the news but then went right back to work helping one of our senior residents with a heavy load of mail.

Sewer Rates

Fawnskin Folks are not happy with all the utility rate increases.

Lately it seems we pay more for less service and more hassle.

Both the local gas and electric companies have unfriendly customer payment options and the new location of the gas company is well off the beaten path.

In a day and age where customer service matters more than ever, the lack of competition makes locals a bit cranky over what they have to put up with.

Billing for the electric company has gone to once a month instead of every other month and although the bill might seem the same, I notice I am paying twice as much now.

This brings me to the latest proposal for an increase in the sewer bill.

Residents are urged to write in protest.

Here is the notice that home owners Steve and Liz shared.

  • Sewer rates will increase bi-monthly from $111.64 to $123.92 effective July 18, 2013
  • Property owners in Fawnskin can stop the proposed increase.
  • If 51% of Fawnskin property owners protest, the county will not put the rate increase into effect.
  • The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 and it will be to late to protest.

How do you protest?

Fill in the form here Fawnskin Sewer Letter and mail it now.

If residents fail to take action, they will increase the rates.

BTW no more than one protest per property owner may be submitted.

Finally, thanks to all of you who took the time to stop me this weekend to express your enjoyment of the Fawnskin Flyer.

GG likes hearing it because the pay here stinks…meaning it is a community service project and a labor of, uh…

That’s it for me now, back at ‘cha on Thursday.

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