Post Memorial Day

Summit Adventure Park

Memorial Day weekend in Fawnskin is always a fun, busy time.

Down at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina, new additions to the fleet arrived just in time for the weekend.

If you haven’t been down there in a while it is looking pretty spiffy. They’ve also cleared and created a nice beach area around the shoreline that makes it nice for the land lovers.

GG likes the new electric boat…more on that later.

Captain John's

Moose Lodge 2085 had a good turnout for the BBQ which was yummy as expected. The band had people jumping to their feet to dance and it was good to see a few neighbors.

GG is still a member but hasn’t been in for a long while. Guesstimates? Over a year for sure but perhaps more like a year and a half.

Moose Lodge 2085 BBQ

Around town neighbors were busy working in the garden, re-staining their decks and making time to catch up with those part-timers who managed to come up to enjoy the nice weather.

Across the lake, Snow Summit has re-branded the summer used as the Snow Summit Adventure Park.

You can get a lift up and down the resort plus lunch for $22 and it is a nice scenic tour if you have guests or simply want to enjoy the views and relax.

Around town there were a lot of yard sales but I didn’t make it to any of them.

Jimi is still going strong but had a bit of competition this weekend as everyone put out their wares.

GG needs to do some clearing but is likely to be donating the goods to a local group to help them raise money.

Of course, I have to make the time to get into everything.

For you avid computer folks, there is a yard sale page for Big Bear on Facebook.

Do a search to find it as the locals check it pretty frequently along with the buy and sell page also managed by locals.

Barking Mad

Around town people have forgotten that there is a leash law and locals are getting pretty sick of it.

GG has been getting an earful about the barking dogs on Chickasaw at two different locations as well as one on Illini.

However, visitors up on Cedar Dell allowed their dogs to bark non-stop.

As I understand it, under the current limits, unless someone has a kennel license, there is a maximum limit of three dogs.

Dogs must be leashed on the streets and in the forest.

The immediate clean up of feces is another standard on the books, although I’ve seen both locals and visitors ignore the ordinance.

If you have an ongoing issue, your best bet is to contact animal control directly at 800.472.5609 but understand that they only have two officers on duty on the mountain and sometimes are not present at all.

If you have an ongoing issue, if you document the dates and times of the issues or have neighbors sign along with you, situations can sometimes be resolved faster.

It is nice to resolve things with neighbors personally but if that is not possible, you can make a phone call to have an official issue a warning.

Last summer, I took video of the dog and snaps of the vehicle plates after the attack I witnessed.

The time and date stamps can help if you are attempting to document the issue/incident.

Fawnskin Resident’s TV Appearance

On a lighter note, Fawnskin Folks were excited to see resident Peggy playing her cello on The Voice.

GG doesn’t watch too much television but happens to like that show and was excited to see her working on stage and making all of Fawnskin proud.

Tech Glitches Galore

As for me, I got a new mobile and have spent hours trying to get things to work.

Over here in BBL I’ve managed to run into a whole lot of Fawnskin Folks as well as ol’ Big Bear pals while we are working to try and sort things out–which is why I am late posting.


Technology can be a great thing but it can also burn a lot of time.

Fourth Fridays

The village merchants are having a tough time of it over in the village area of Big Bear Lake due to the slow construction.

Matich employees are only working part time and the construction is going slow and disrupting business as usual.

In efforts to make the best of a tough situation, The Gallery is holding 4th Friday events with music, food and artists.

Pop over to visit if you are so inclined, it is a nice diversion.

Gallery 4th Fridays

Medical Miles

Meanwhile, around town I was happy to discover an alternative to Enterprise rental cars.

The competition happens to be Hertz and they have been serving locals on the down low since late last year.

The upside is Enterprize adjusted their rates a little so they are no longer in the 65 dollar day rental rates any longer.

Although you can get better deals down the hill, there is nothing like the convenience of using a local rental company.

I have another rant about the issues related to transit up here but am waiting on some additional information before I go on about it.

You’ll likely miss me this week as I am traveling for additional medical stuff. Still trending up and I am so happy to report that things are still looking up.

Although I’ve been exhausted of late, many suspect it is because I went crazy being able to do things again after five years of restrictions. I am thinking that might be the case too.

Until next time…

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