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Grandbaby Hillion

It used to be that people didn’t know about the gender of an expected baby until it was born.

Today technology has changed all that but the amazing thing is that you can see the baby develop.

Post Master Mike shared the ultrasound of his new grandbaby who is expected to emerge into the world sometime in December.

Meanwhile, GG was wiped out today and so is a bit tardy.

I finally too a break and meandered down to Captain John’s to take a few action photos.

Captain John's BOBs

My favorite was of business owner, Liz Sherlock who posed to make things a little more interesting.

I also was able to get Captain John to cooperate for a head shot. He must have known I was showing up because he was in his full regalia.

Hard to remember just how long I have known him but it has been a long while.

Captain John Saunders

It is always nice to see him and he always can get me to smile–plus, he is a good hugger–something not everyone has perfected.

Alright, I don’t have much to share except that many people will be out touring the yard sales.

Jimi will be hard at it again over on Illini so go check it out.

Be sure you also stop by Moose Lodge 2085 because they will be having their fabulous BBQ on Saturday, May 25, 2013 and those who drop by can enjoy some live music as well.

As for me, it was a hard week and I am tuckered out.

I’ll be on the deck and spending time with visitors.

And my rant about the barking dogs and other such things will have to wait.

But I’ll be back on Tuesday unless I get bored and post something for those who keep checking to see what is new.

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