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Dog Man Fawnskin

So it would appear that Fawnskin has a new dog man…neighbor Mike has been making regular excursions to the unofficial dog park with his dogs and a few of the neighborhood canines.

The animals love it and adore him and not only has he been picking up any poop they deposit but he also has been doing poop patrol when other owners neglect to do so.

Dog poop is a real issue around Fawnskin so please pick up after your dogs and if you let them roam at least go out and pick up some poop as a general practice.

Miller Park has been a happening place. It is great to see how much it is getting used.

The tennis court and basketball court get used daily by locals.

Many people amble through, others walk their dogs, while many a small child gets a treat since parents seem to be taking them down to the Betty Sunseri Playground.

Betty Sunseri Fawnskin

I miss Betty to this day as she was a ray of sunshine in the community and the valley.

It was a sad day when she moved off the mountain.

There are some people that just make the world a better place by being in it and she was certainly one of those.

So when I saw the flowers under the memorial plaque in Miller Park, it made me smile.

The bright, perky yellow flowers were the perfect tribute.

Not sure who left them there but thanks for remembering her as a bright light.

I don’t have much to share, not that I said it all, but I’ll be back Tuesday with more news.

In the meantime, if you are having problems with allergies since the pine pollen is up, check out some of my previous posts:

Finally, GG did not get a reminder but the NSIA monthly potluck takes place this Monday, June 10, 2103 and Liz Harris will be speaking.

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