Historic Ruins & Other Fawnskin News

Historic Rubble Fawnskin

So, GG got busy once again and wasn’t able to make deadline so I am going to do one longer post instead of two this week.

The first news is the destruction of one of the first cabins built in Fawnskin.

Two historic cabins were side by side up on Lodge but now there remains nothing but the view along with some rubble.

Fawnskin Cabin

It is a shame to see such historic sites destroyed but, as most locals know, the property values are increasing and it is hard to get many interested in the preservation or restoration of such properties.

Still, it makes me sad to watch history disappear without attempts at ceremony.

Fawnskin Roadwork

Today is supposed to be the last day of roadwork here in Fawnskin.

It caught many of us by surprise and it was not pleasant tromping down the road while working to avoid walking on the fresh tar substance–and GG was not the only one out and about.

Some spots were sloppily done and word is that they will be making attempts at correcting some of those areas.

If not, I’d give Jim a call down at the county as there are hazardous spots where gravel piles exist or where the road is not adequately covered.

Fawnskin Fugitives

On my hikes this week I discovered a tent along Grout Creek.

Law enforcement was out in force looking for two fugitives at the end of last week.

GG doesn’t have the scoop but the two they were looking for have been seen around town sleeping in Fawn Park, near the creek, and were also rumored to have been given access to the renovated building next to the Fawnskin Market.

Other than the report of their creating a disruption at Moose Lodge 2085, and getting some food assistance from one of the neighbors, I have not had any additional updates.

It is not legal to set up camp in non-designated areas but beyond that violation, GG sadly does not know all the circumstances surrounding the manhunt.

Bear Dog

The good news this week?

I got to spend lots of time with the famous Bear Dog.

He keeps me moving and fools everyone with his youthful vigor.

In between hiking in the woods and other meandering adventures, he was a great supervisor as we dispensed a few cartons of eggs to neighbors.

Dog friends are the best!

Have a great weekend. I’ll be back with you next week since I’ll be traveling for medical again tomorrow.

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