Road Rage in Fawnskin

Road Work Fawnskin

GG was out taking action photos to cover all the latest breaking news…locals want to know about the delays in the road surfacing and the word was that they had a break down early last week which put them a bit behind schedule.

However, they have been hard at it and moving quickly as anticipated.

A few of the neighbors are a bit out of sorts over the work but it will be done quickly and then we will be good again for another couple of years.

Road Work Fawnskin

I got to have a chat with two of the guys this morning and convinced them to let me a look at the map and to give me the scoop on the schedule.

They are moving west and then will be heading across to the south shore.

In the meantime, from 8am until 4pm today (Tuesday the 18th) and then again Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (25th & 26th) they will be surfacing.

That is if all goes according to plan–which it hasn’t.

So now the big news…

Now I was so disappointed, I took snaps of lots of Fawnskin Folks playing pickle bar over at Old Miller Park this am and somehow the photos got scrambled.

So, I thought I would share the scrambled photo–but it would not post!

Hmm, I am thinking they players did not want their pictures taken and fired up so weird photo thwarting mojo.

Anyway, there were two nets up, the second was set up on the basketball court and this allowed eight players to seriously practice.

Every day I hear the “pop” of those balls being hit back and forth across the court, although the park seems fairly quiet, it is really an action zone.

All throughout the day different areas of the park are in use.

Life is good in Fawnskin and, although we have four parks, GG thinks Miller Park is the most popular with the locals.

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2 Responses to “Road Rage in Fawnskin

  • 1
    June 21st, 2013 15:10

    GG…. Have not met yet, but looking forward to it! My comment may be a bit out of the blue here, but I could not leave a comment where it was more appropriate (ie, Mr. Potatoe Farmer).

    We are new here to the most lovely Fawnskin and have been working very hard to spruce up the yard. Also (naievely) planted a few garden items (corn, squash, peppers, onions, garlic). THE GOPHERS GG!*#*#*&@!! They have a virtual labyrinth and, though we have yet to see one, they are actively destroying everything we plant (water, week, water again, etc.).

    In fact, the damage is SO serious that they parking area just inside of the street is caving in due to their tunneling. My motorcycle was parked just off the street and it fell over when the asphalt under the kickstand caved in.

    Is there nothing that can be done here? Perhaps the City would be interested to know that the tunneling under the street has left a hollow area just under the surface??

    Anywho, I may be rambling so I will stop here. Thanks for the Flyer…. it’s great!

    Baffled on Brookside… Thomas & Linda

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    June 21st, 2013 16:06

    Thanks Thomas, yes we shut comments off due to spam but appreciate the comment.

    See the high altitude gardening thread (just click the link in the sidebar) but you can also watch this video:

    Never hurts to report it…