Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Lemonade for Sale

This week has been interesting to say the least.

I love when my friends suddenly appear in Big Bear, and another is due to arrive today, but it makes keeping on schedule harder with my recent return to working and all.

Unfortunately, this means the Fawnskin Flyer gets put onto the back burner sometimes, if the pay were better I might do something different, but you know how that goes!

So the big news was that JJ and Robin returned to Fawnskin and did another lemonade stand.

I haven’t seen the girls in about two years–hard to believe.

What was awesome about this week’s lemonade efforts is that Fawnskin stepped up to make it a great success AND a memorable experience.

When asked about the experience, Robin had this to say, “The firefighters came over and spent five dollars with us right away. Then we had a police officer stop by, he looked kinda stern until he sipped the lemonade and then he smiled.”

Both girls were elated that Mister Mac and Mary came by and said they would be back for lemonade. They stopped back by to order six glasses but brought a nifty sign they made for the girls.

Now they are really ready to ramp things up the next time they are in town.

JJ urged me to check out the trout a local traded for the lemonade…hard to say who got the best deal.

Trout Trade for Lemonade

Anyway, I have to say that it made my heart happy that Fawnskin Folks made a great childhood memory for these two…it certainly made an impression on the family.

And yes, before you ask, the girls sold out their entire stock.

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