GG Groggy Girl

GG Groggy Girl

So, you probably have been wondering where GG has been.

I’ve been busy with life and took four days (mostly) off from the computer and when I came back had to deal with a bunch of issues.

As I get better, one of the goals was to expand my team and with that comes some troubles but I’ll save you the saga story.

In the meantime, my doc has ordered environmental tests and turns out one of the factors contributing to issues may have started back after the big floods here in Fawnskin during the winter 2005/2006.

At the moment, things are busy around here with inspections and other activities.

Otherwise, it is once again quiet after the hustle and bustle of the holiday weekend.

But GG is still pretty groggy in the am.

Sleep cycles for me and many other locals have been a bit odd lately.

Fawnskin Yard Sale

Yard Sales

Most of the neighbors were up for the holiday. This makes it a great time to visit, catch up, spend time on the lake or lakeside, and explore the local deals at yard sales.

GG did pretty well achieving her goals of a new deck rocker, larger office file cabinets, vintage bowls and a few odds and ends including a great metal kitchen storage cabinet.

I dropped by the Moose Lodge 2085 community yard sale and my pals got great deals but GG ended up going elsewhere for her treasures.

One of the things about mountain cabins is that most of the originals were holiday homes and so storage options are dismal.

In GG’s Grotto, the kitchen cabinets are poorly designed so that nothing can be put under them except for bowls holding fruits, vegetables or nuts.

The disadvantage of having felt poorly so long is that it was almost impossible to deep clean and so now I am slowly working through the house focusing on rectifying the situation.

This means that GG is in purge mode, and I was needing some options for organizing and such.

Based on my past dismal failures at yard sales (always seems to rain or snow) I am packing up boxes with goods to take to the Goodwill or a similar location.

Spit BBQ

BBQ Success

Around town it has quieted down but there are some events coming up.

The 4th of July BBQ was well attended.

GG feasted on the tasty morsels that had been slow cooked on the spit over the entire day.

It is a great option on the holiday, most of the neighbors turn up along with their friends and family so it is a very fun community gathering.

The benefit of turning up before my neighbors is that I got to meet a couple of new folks who scored on the small cabin on Rim of the World.

It is always good to meet new folks around town.

But I have to say that I was a bit disappointed that some locals complained about the Hispanic music that was also played at the lodge.

GG says get over it.

The demographics nationally indicate that other races predominate now, and besides, America is supposed to be a melting pot of immigrants. This area just happens to be an anomaly.

GG happens to be second generation American but all my aunts and uncles immigrated here from Mexico.

Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina hosted a lot of people and most of the neighbors turned up to watch the fireworks lakeside.

We had a great view and I was amused at the frogs chiming in during the display as well.

My guests were really excited about the display, which started a bit late, but we had a chance to catch up before hand.

An incident near the dam delayed traffic which allowed us to head back to the house without too much of an issue or big delay.

Fawnskin Lemonade Stand

Lemons into Lemonade

Robin & JJ did super well with their lemonade stand despite relocating next to the Fawnskin Market.

Although cars sometimes blocked all view of them, it seems that the community is supporting these budding entrepreneurs by frequenting the stand.

The girls were excited to hear that most locals that turned up read about it here on the Fawnskin Flyer.

GG likes that everyone makes a point of supporting them.

I already informed you that Mary and Mister Mac contributed a great sign, which they display each time they open the stand, it helps them out a lot.

This last week, Jimi sent down a very colorful umbrella from his perpetual yard sale so they could be shielded from the sun.

The two themed the lemonade stand with a patriotic tablecloth and a small flag.

GG looks forward to seeing these young ladies every time they arrive in town.

They are also becoming accomplished kayakers and their fishing success is becoming legendary.

Okay, so other than that, things have been quiet in Fawnskin.

However, there are some happenings this weekend that have locals excited.

Watch for the update…

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