Recovery & Adventures in Fawnskin

So, GG came to a conclusion last week, she is no longer super woman.

Yeah, yeah, so some of you knew that already but a long medical day ended up knocking me out for several days in a row.

But, the upside to it was that I was able to participate in an amazing opportunity right here in Fawnskin!

Annabel Anderson has been called SUP-er woman (SUP is short for stand-up paddle board) and was in Fawnskin this weekend.

Annabel conducted an SUP (stand-up paddle board) clinic for the adventurous, and despite my fatigue, I went ahead and participated anyway.

I learned a lot in the few hours. Captain John told me that he was so happy to see me participating since I was unable to do so for so long.

Sometimes I think nobody notices and it made me happy to hear how it makes his day seeing such things.

For me, it was an amazing but tiring experience. But I have to say I am glad I could do it.

Captain John's Marina

Anyway, I was able to get Capt John to take a picture with Annabel, Tammy and Lauren to commemorate the event.

We hope that Annabel comes back again next year, and for those of you who want to measure yourself up, she paddled out of Fawn Harbor last night and made it around the lake in about an hour and 45 minutes according to reports.

Eesh, that is fast.

One of the things that CJ’s has always done is to focus on making a difference, and he is pretty darn generous of spirit so it is nice to know that what motivates it is a big heart, and that it really is part of their business model.

Last time I dropped by, the groups of kids and families on the beach were making CJ super happy as he watched their adventures and excitement.

Sometimes we locals take forgranted just how awesome we have it.

Fish Dinner

In other local non-news, the girls (Robin & JJ) were up again selling lemonade, and another generous person “sponsored” a bunch of cups so that the girls could give away a few cups to those who might want it but didn’t have the means to grab a cup.

What do these enterprising young gals do with the funds?

Well, a few things…but perhaps the most fun was going to a concert to see their favorite Disney performer. The wore special outfits and had a blast.

The best part of the celebration according to the adults? They got straight “A”s on their report cards which is why they got to go.

Then this week, they put most fishermen to shame as they hauled in a bunch of catfish and served it up for dinner.

I was honored with an invitation, although due to the current state of affairs, could not partake of the fish, the rest of the dinner guests ranted and raved over how great they tasted.

Catfish in Fawnkin

Now, Fawnskin Folks also participated in the Big Bear PaddleFest on Saturday, and our own Hope came in second place while Robin placed 1st in the children’s division.

Not bad at all!

GG thinks she needs to train with the family and get into the fun next year.


Alright, this week is going to be busy and you’ll want to check out the Moose Lodge 2085 BBQ and yard sale as well as the live music and fun down at Captain John’s Marina but I’ll have more details on Thurday.

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