Stormy in Fawnskin

Torrential Down Pour or Sloppy Roadwork?

Above: Torrential down pour or sloppy roadwork?

So to say that it has been stormy in Fawnskin is a bit of an understatement.

Still, we are happy to have a bit of precipitation.

GG still isn’t home but things are looking up and it might be time to head home on Saturday with any luck.

In my ambles I’ve been eyeing the sloppy road work that was done recently.

A couple years ago I can say I wasn’t impressed but they at least did a fair job of it.

This last effort was is a mess.

First, cracks are showing just about everywhere, then the surface is uneven, there are drop offs along most roads, sewer and other covers were entirely covered and then holes for access were haphazardly cut, but the piles of gravel and bare areas are a bit much.

The hard falling rain and hail on Monday swept a lot of debris onto the roads but the crews forgot to tar an entire road and that gravel made a big ol’ mess on Cedar Dell.

Fawnskin Storm

GG happens to like the stormy weather because we seriously need the rain.

Although we need to have a chat with whoever is in charge because dumping it all at once can be annoying.

Plus, I didn’t get much sleep the other night due to the thunder and lightening.

One big clap was so close that the house shook and set off a nearby car alarm!

Hazards of this type of weather tend to create other troubles.

Two Fawnskin residents had vehicular issues–one fender bender and the other was the result of a rock slide.

Anyone who has lived around these parts for a while knows of the dangers to the axles, tires and oil pans when the slides start up.

Fortunately, there seems to be a lack of injuries associated with the incidents.

Meanwhile, many of us just keep on walkin’ around town, and that meant that I got to meet a couple of new neighbors who are busy making preparations to move in full-time over on Illini.

Fawnskin Mayor Race 2013

The race for Honorary Mayor has begun so get out those quarters and spend a few bucks to buy a politician.

We make no bones about it…crooked politicians can be bought.

Meanwhile, lots is happening around the weekend but I’ll fill you in on Thursday.

As for me, I have to get some more blood work done…but the medical and alt med teams are hoping that the end is now in sight!

Me too.

How is that for short and sweet?

See ya on Thursday.

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