Adventures with Charlie

This edition of the Fawnskin Flyer just has to be called, Adventures with Charlie since he is a local celebrity these days.

Of course the Guzman’s tend to be a favorite here at the Fawnskin Flyer since they are, uh…so shy and reserved. LOL

Anyway, Charlie and clan are always out and about so this week wasn’t much different.

At the NSIA Ol’ Fashioned Picnic, the group arrived in style…by kayak.

Charlie wanted to paddle and GG just smiled when she saw the child sized paddle at the cabin the very next day.

PaddleFest winners look out, your days are numbered as Charlie is gonna be a force to be reckoned with.

Now the truth is that GG has been having a whole lot of fun lately.

First, she is feeling better but more importantly, she is spending a whole lot of time with the under 4 crowd.

She happens to think it is the best therapy ever.

And don’t you be making any cracks about acting your age…

So back to the big C. in addition to feeding the ducks, munching on food, etc., Charlie got in some dancing.

He is too young for romancing but does manage to charm the girls in record numbers as you can see in this action photo below.

Taken at Art on the Lake, the gals sang so enchantingly that Charlie had to get in the action, eventually persuading one of the young ladies to dance with him.

Then later, when the string performance was finished, he stood clapping and chanting, “bravo, bravo” and not just GG smiled.

Honestly, he is gonna land Fawnskin on the map.

GG had a great time all around.

It was true that she spent time marching through the puddles over at Art on the Lake on Sunday, but the good news is that the new location didn’t flood like last year and many of the vendors had returned.

GG happens to think the new location might work better for everyone since there is good parking, good water flow, and many merchants seemed to be benefiting from the close proximity as well.

BTW Chris McCormick also made a splash at the event with this Big Bear Pottery and it seems like he didn’t waste any time getting back into the spotlight here in Big Bear.

GG was drooling over a bowl he made and was glad that it ended up on the party perch.

You see, it called her name over and over again throughout the weekend and it was getting annoyingly loud.

Yes, it is true that GG is getting out a lot more but is overdoing it now and again.

This meant that Saturday was a blur.

However, those publishing duties as a cub reporter had her out to cover the NSIA picnic and the WOTM chili cook off happenings despite fatigue.

There were tons of people in town enjoying the cook off, browsing and buying from the vendors, and acting crazy over at the faire.

Fawnskin Market had long lines all day, which is a great thing since we wouldn’t want Laurie to be bored.

Local entries dominated the chili contest and Bob and Nancy Varga had the only seafood chili I have ever encountered.

GG wasn’t around to hear about the winners but the contests were for best booth and best chili.

This is the booth I think won for best chili…super yummy.

Apologies for being such a slacker and not getting their names and such but I don’t get paid so just live with it!

Many of the booths were fabulous but GG favored the “Hippie Chili” possibly because she used to hang out in Bezerkley and grew up under the tutelage of a hippy momma.

Since it was a tough day, GG took advantage of Sandy’s chair massage, which made her feel a bit better, but it was the cups of home roasted Peruvian coffee that really helped her out finally.

Thank goodness for great neighbors with similar passions!

Revitalized by the caffeine, she marched right down to the marina for the picnic.

Despite her intentions of leaving early, GG stayed way too long…but it was good to catch up with neighbors that you never seem to be able to see.

The day extended even longer with interesting after hour chats…and that is all I will say about that!


Lots of Fawnskin Folks headed down the Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina for the event. Sorry if you missed it.

That is the weekend round up but don’t forget, tonight is the Joke Off fundraising event for Captain John down at Moose Lodge 2085.

He is competing with the Big Bear Chamber Event so head on down and laugh it up!

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