New Neighbors in Fawnskin

Fawnskin Flowers

So GG doesn’t have much to say.

She’s been a busy girl going down the mountain a couple of times, getting out on the lake, working to mop up all the construction dust, and doing some work.

At least it isn’t boring!

On the party perch it has been quiet.

The weather is strange because it is warm during the day but cold at night.

The apples are pears are early and the birds are a bit scarce, at least it seems that way to GG.

Around town things have been happening, kinda-sorta.

Two of the neighbors on Brookside entered vintage cars in the recent car show and both placed in the top 25.

We always have notables in town…in fact, we should brag about it more.

If you haven’t noticed, we have a few new neighbors.

On Brookside, Eric (aka Hatch) is busy moving in.

Wat Big Bear will soon have a new sign and there are three monks in residence.

Ajahn Sombat is there as usual but he has a monk visiting from Thailand and another from Moreno Valley who has been busy carving out a new address sign that should be up this week.

Over on Illini, Mark and Brandon (I hope I spelled that right so I don’t get in trouble) are busy working away and should be in full-time this month.

Down the road, Joyce has extended her stay until later in the year, and she has lots of stories to share about Fawnskin history since she and her family have owned a place for 45 or more years.

Sometimes knowing the neighbors is good, and sometimes it is, uh–interesting.

Case in point, yesterday I tried getting to the Post Office to pick up a package but it took ages.

You see I kept meeting up with new neighbors and then catching up with others I have not seen in a while.

Life is good that way in Fawnskin, unless of course you don’t want to chat.

One of the neighbors joined me on my walk since he was being held captive down at the Hawkins place.

Those of you who know the neighborhood understand that Bob holds court at his place…and just about everybody drops by for a visit.

Some drop by daily, some weekly, GG goes in spurts.

However, it is always a welcoming spot with chairs, conversation and laughter…as well as tall tales and a few other discussions.

The neighbor who got caught in the web down at the place, used my post office amble to escape but then had to put up with me for a spell.

Heh, heh, heh. Poor guy!

Anyway, around town the faire goers have been enthusiastic but some of the locals are less so due to the parking dilemma.

It seems the faire folks are not being directed to available parking areas and so are clogging up some of the side streets.

I asked about some sort of “put up with it” local incentives but never got any answer.

A lot of goodwill could come of it, and more locals would be likely to show up instead of muttering and hunkering down until the event weekends are over.

The good news is only one more weekend is left for the event.

Everyone around here will survive, which is the good news.

You may have noticed that the festivities caused quite the reverberation.

This indicates that the crowds were having a rip-roaring time–which is always good.

GG plans on checking out the fun next weekend, as well as Art on the Lake.

Captain John's Marina

Above: Harmony & Bozo at Captain John’s | Photo Courtesy of Chris McCormick

In case you are new around these parts, Fawnskin is dog-gone fun and will turn your world upside down as you can see in the snap!

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