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So, I guess I shouldn’t tell you how long it took to prep and cook the lasagna that fed half the neighborhood…

However, it has been a long time since I’ve fed neighbors. When I first moved to Fawnskin I often delivered goodies to the full-time locals.

Sometimes it was because they were new in town, sometimes it was because they worked long hours and were doing fast food, and other times it was just because.

In this case it was because I had way too much to consume on my own.

The whole thing started when my neighbors Linda and Tom left a goodie bag for me. It was filled with the bounty from their garden, a nice note, and some perky sunflowers.

Seriously, it was a great way to start the day.

It made me smile half the day after I discovered the packet on my way down to the lake for a kayak adventure.

Anyway, it was the biggest zucchini I’ve seen since I had my garden up in the redwoods of Northern California.

So, I searched and searched for options and then decided that the slices of zucchini would work instead of noodles.

Many of you know that the recent health stuff has me off of a lot of things, grains included. This means no noodles or bread, so really this was exciting because I have not enjoyed Italian food in a while due to the temporary restrictions.

Unfortunately, I did not take a photos and it was gone just.like.that.

Zucchini Lasagna

Gigantic zucchini or a few fairly large ones
1 tablespoon salt
1 pound Italian sausage
1 1/2 teaspoons ground black pepper
1 bell pepper of choice (sliced or diced)
1 red onion, diced
2 small cans tomato paste (8-10 ounces)
1 can tomato puree (16 ounce)
1/4 cup red wine
2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil
1 tablespoon chopped fresh oregano (or 2 tablespoons dried)
1 tablespoon fresh parsley (or 2 tablespoons dried)
1 large egg
2 cups ricotta cheese (16 ounces)
1-2 cups fresh mozarella cheese (8-16 ounces)
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained (16 ounce)
1 pound fresh baby bella mushrooms, sliced
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese (8 ounces)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F and grease a baking pan or two.

Slice the zucchini lengthwise. You can sprinkle the slices lightly with salt and set aside to drain in a colander or place in the oven to cook them a bit and pull the juices out

Use multiple bowls to prep ingredients.

In a large bowl mix tomato paste, tomato puree, wine, basil, and oregano. Let sit.

In another bowl mix egg, ricotta, and parsley and let sit.

For the meat sauce, slice and dice the onions and bell pepper and saute on medium heat with a little oil oil.

Then add the sausage, cook and stir until done. Remove into a pot.

Saute the mushrooms in the same pan you cooked the sausage, onions and bell peppers.

Add the sauce mixture to the pot with the meat. Cook on low to medium heat for 20 minutes or more.

To assemble lasagna, begin by layering the with sliced zucchini, top with meat sauce, add ricotta mixture, add a layer of spinach, then mushrooms, the mozzarella cheese. Repeat layers until all ingredients are used.

Top with mozzarella and cover that by spreading the grated Parmesan cheese evenly over the top.

Raise oven temperature to 350 degrees F and bake for about 45 minutes.

Let sit for 5-10 minutes before serving.

Serves 10-12.

I baked uncovered but if you prefer you can cover with foil and then uncover for the last 10-15 minutes.

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