Cougar & Changes

Mountain Lion

So, as is common in the fall, one of the cougars has been sighted in town.

Neighbors across from where my pal Bear Dog lives, sighted one on Cedar Dell in the last week.

If you are new around these parts, this isn’t anything unusual, we live at the edge of the forest adjacent to a major water source after all.

However, if you are new around these parts, it could be disconcerting.

Just remember to keep your pets under supervision and inside, especially around dawn and dusk.

It is common to see both bears and cougars around these parts this time of year.

Post Office
In other non-news, Layney is going to be off on vacation and you may have noticed another clerk in training here at the Fawnskin Post Office.

The Post Office Clerk position is up for bid so it is likely we may see another change again in the near future.

GG has to head down there in a bit but I am sure you’ll get to know this gal quickly.

Fawnskin Businesses for Sale
Rumors are still circulating about Barbara Acker’s decision to retire.

GG has only heard everything second hand, but many locals around town have been discussing this.

I’ve even heard some discussing marketing ideas and plans they want to help use in getting things moving around town.

Both the Gold Pan Restaurant and the North Shore Tavern have been on the market for a while, and to keep the down town active, it would be great to keep all the viable businesses going.

Under the Covers Buzz
Under the Covers

Locals are still talking about the debut performance of Under the Covers, a local band with 2012 Honorary Mayor Serena Saunders as one of the vocalists.

Personally, I can’t wait to see them again.

Lots of Fawnskin Folks turned up in support the Labor Day event, which is always a great thing.

Monthly Fawnskin Potluck
Once again it is time for the North Shore Improvement Association monthly potluck on Monday, September 9, 2013.

All Fawnskin residents are invited to bring a friend, a neighbor, house guest, and come to join the fun.

Plan on arriving at 5:30pm at the Old Miller School House located at 1178 Chickasaw Lane in Fawnskin.

The potluck starts at 6:00pm and Ray Hino of the Bear Valley Community Hospital will speak.

There have been quite a few new neighbors moving into town lately, last week I met Jon and Pam over on Chickasaw…be sure to welcome them when you meet them.

Vacation Time
Finally, just a reminder that GG will be taking September off.

At the moment the plans are that beginning next week I’ll be offline…so don’t whine, no updates but you never know, I may post some recipes or videos for your enjoyment.

Then there is always the possibility of GG’s Day Trips.

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