Labor Day Fawnskin

Labor Day weekend was hopping around Fawnskin as locals and visitors took the time to enjoy all the happenings around town.

GG was left out of the loop and so were a lot of other people, so many of the events took us by surprise.

This was a delightful change from having to head out to entertain visitors.

In town was the Rod Riders Fawnskin Car Show.

GG favorite was a toss up between the blue and white Ford Fairlane and the pink and cream Edsel Pacer but my neighbors, the Downing duo had a great entry.

The cars and owners started showing up early as the show hours were 7:00am until 3:00pm, sadly I was not around to hear the winners announced.

However, a lot of people were in town for the show, or stopped on their way through to enjoy it.

Not too far from the cars was the Moose Lodge 2085 activities.

During the preparations for the spit BBQ, which is always open to the public, a few vendors showed off their wares.

People ambled down to the park, headed into the market, and some even headed down to Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina where Tropical BBQ was serving up some mighty tasty fare.

GG got hooked on their poppers but loved the unique sauce and was able to chat with Xiomara about a lot of things.

When researched, I learned that they are going to be features on Supermarket Superstar on Lifetime Television on September 12, 2013.

We always have unique folks drop in around these parts and are wishing the family well and much success!

The family loves Fawnskin and so we hope to see them a whole lot more.

Andy and Rita had a great yard sale strategy, basically they set everything up in the ol’ Fawnskin Realty office.

The sold a lot of great items and when Rita took a break, we headed over to the quilt show across the lake.

There are some serious quilters around these parts with some jaw dropping skills.

In addition to the show quilts, there were quite a few vendors with different types of goods.

It was a pleasure to experience, and as usual, a few Fawnskin Folks were on hand to greet and gab with.

Funny how we all seem to turn up around the same places.

Overall it was a great weekend with friends, neighbors and adopted family happenings.

We had some cloudy skies but enjoyed the cooler weather rather than torrential rain.

And the fun picked up when the local band, Under the Covers performed their first gig right here in Fawnskin.

GG thought they were the bomb…meaning that they were really good.

Lots of folks showed up to support them, some coming in by boat, while others commuted over by car–braving the traffic.

All in all it was a great weekend.

As for me, sorry for the late post but I was busy prepping for a big day tomorrow.

Catch ya Thursday if all goes as planned…

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