Sad in Fawnskin

RIP Tickle the Cat
When I first took the pen name of GG, I had no idea just how versatile and useful it would be.

Over the years it has been short for Gossip Girl, Giggly Girl, Gardening Girl and a whole lot more.

This week it is sadly, Grieving Girl.

Many of the neighbors pulled together in a community conspiracy and benevolent campaign to help Tickle, who took to the party perch and GG.

He also enjoyed the kitten kaboodle provided by the neighborhood with gusto.

I first met this character in May of 2012 and identified him as the elusive and rare Fawnskin tree kitty.

Sometime you meet an animal that captures your heart, and that was the case with Tickle, who I renamed “Tickle the Cat.”

Over time he began joining me on my walks and I had to always chase him back home.

He was like a stalker, turning up everywhere I went.

Then, he started showing up on the party perch almost daily to watch birds with me.

It is good to have friends with the same interests, you know.

Anyway, he began to stay overnight periodically, and when his owners left the mountain, he split his time between the party perch and bossing me around, and a few other neighbors.

He thwarted plans to get him neutered by always disappearing when arrangements had been made.

A character, his nature was to be a wild little tom with a big mouth.

He hated being confined, panicking and pitching a fit anytime it was attempted.

Although he would come in for a cuddle or a visit, he was soon asking to go out, or making a made dash when he had to.

People laughed when they saw him on his way here because he would start “talking” from 50 feet or more away.

He’d wait with me under the awning for Dial A Ride, and play around the yard when I was out working, or he’d sit under my chair, or lie with his head on my foot when I was on the deck.

Sometimes he’d place his two paws on my thigh for a scratch, or jump into my lap.

We were buddies.

Tickle the Cat

Now, GG requires good manners in the house and so he quickly had to learn to stay out of the kitchen, stay off the furniture, and comply by sleeping on his kitty cave or in the kitty cabana instead.

We also agreed that frantic behavior around the food bowl, or meowing incessantly for food, was inappropriate.

This meant that he learned to come and sit in front of the food bowl when he wanted to eat, or in front of the water bowl if he needed water.

Soon, he transferred the behavior to asking to go in or out.

But the best thing was the bond we shared.

We allowed each other to be who we were and didn’t try to force each other to bend to the other’s will–mostly anyway.

When the mold restoration began, Tickle wanted nothing to do with it.

Sadly, he began spending time elsewhere, which didn’t make me happy but reports of bountiful junk food (versus the nice pricey food I had got him), and other cat friends to curl up with, seemed to round out his life.

He got to experience the best of many worlds.

Tickle Bird Watching

I had not seen him in some time, when I ran into Sharon at the Post Office on Friday.

It was then that she told me a horrific tale.

And, as my heart sank, I knew it was Tickle who was the victim in the incident.

You see, on the night of August 29th he was in the jaws of a large predatory cat in the tree between her house and Dave and Loni’s–just off of Mohawk near the juncture of Navajo.

He must of put up quite a fight since he escaped the jaws, only to fall somewhere around 20 feet to the ground.

The sight was horrific, and as Sharon told me the details (which I’ll spare you), I tried to hold it together.

And yes, we all know that it is always a risk to have animals in the mountains.

We live in a rural town adjacent to the forest, creek and lake where wild animals are plentiful.

Anyway, she recounted that the mountain lion had been responsible for at least four pet tragedies so far–one dog and three cats.

We parted ways, and as I walked home, I began to cry.

I knew it was only a matter of time for something like this to happen since it was his nature as a stray to be insistent about his freedom.

Over the years many animals have showed up at my home for care, respite, or something similar.

But, try as I did to not do so, I loved this cat deeply.

Imagine my surprise when, within five minutes of my return, on Friday, September 6, his familiar image appeared at the door and asked to come in.

He was in horrible shape, emaciated with severe head wounds…

I won’t tell you much, except to say that he came back to say good-bye.

Through his one remaining eye, he looked for his kitty cave, and, as I set it up and he jumped onto it quickly, sitting up straight and politely asking to get in my lap.

I was able to use a dropper to get some water and some formula down his throat, but mostly he just wanted to be in my lap.

My attempted to clean him up were mostly futile but served to relax him, and as he slept, I called for assistance reaching out to the animal rescue people, vets and neighbors.

In the end, he was too injured to survive, and so, was humanely euthanized.

Forrest Gump said it succinctly, “And, that’s all I have to say about that.”

Me too.

Deanna Fawnskin Post Office

Post Office Personnel
So, believe it or not, GG sometimes actually waits for confirmation before disclosing something she knows.

In this case, our new postal clerk is already in place here in Fawnskin.

Postal Clerk Deanna has been assigned to our location.

This is good news for everyone since Layney lives really close to the Big Bear City Post Office she wanted to remain there.

AND, Deanna actually lived here in Fawnskin for something like 12 years.

She’d like to find a new place to live here if you have any leads.

Anyway, it was her lucky day when she was asked to come over from Big Bear Lake to cover.

She is really excited to be here and is busy getting the place in ship shape.

Anyway, be sure to make her feel welcome and I am sure she will be a good fit for our little town.

Mountain Lion Update

Thanks to those of you who have extended kindness to Tickle and the other strays or wayward animals that sometimes survive here in Fawnskin.

And for those of you who have asked, the mountain lion has been active on Arapaho, Brookside, Cedar Dell, Mohawk & Navajo, and Chickasaw.

Again, use caution at dawn and dusk.

Please, if you have animals, consider carrying some bear spray as a deterrent.

Gold Pan Closes?
Neighbors reported that the Gold Pan & Nugget Room, under the helm of Barbara Acker, closed its doors for the last time on September 8, 2013.

However, I could not help but notice some local vehicles parked in front of the establishment yesterday.

In true Fawnskin fashion, I am sure people are pounding on the doors and demanding to be let in.

If you have confirmation as to whether this is indeed a true closure, please leave a note in the comments.

Fawnskin Sewer Repairs

Sewer Stuff
Abbott Sombat noticed a sewer leak on Brookside Lane on Monday and promptly called to report it.

Crews worked on the line most of the afternoon.

After the manholes were uncovered from beneath the recent asphalt layer, roots were cut and removed.

There was some leakage onto the street and the crew team leader took the time to tromp around to investigate to make sure that the sewage did not cause any contamination on surrounding properties.

No word as to if they will be back again.

Have a great rest of the month.

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2 Responses to “Sad in Fawnskin

  • 1
    Teri Rose
    September 10th, 2013 21:13

    I am so sorry you lost your buddy. As an animal lover, I feel your pain. I hope the day comes quickly when you can smile again at the thought of him. To remain sane, I must focus on the belief that we see our beloved pets again. I truly believe that. You and everyone he touched are in my thoughts.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    September 10th, 2013 21:25

    Hi Teri, thanks for stopping by. The amazing thing is that I do remember all the great experiences we shared. I took a lot of videos and some pics during our friendship. That is what comes to my mind rather than the last two days of his life.

    It comes in waves and I am pretty non-functional but trust in another realm. Thanks for your note and all good thoughts and prayers are most welcome.