2 Days, 2 Cords & Wood Thieves

fawnskin wood

So GG is a bit pooped out after a long week.

After moving two cords of wood in two days, I discovered that my wood guy would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had pursued the issue.


Sadly, after moving half of the delivery, wood thieves arrived about 4am and loudly tossed some into their vehicle before zooming away.

Seems like 4am is the secret time since that was when the burglars were heard breaking and entering a while back.


Fawnskin Going Postal

So, it seems that a large number of Fawnskin Folks are still going postal after the poorly handled re-assignment of Post Master Mike.

Sadly, postal clerk Deanna has been taking the brunt of it.

The previous clerk hated Fawnskin because people showed up with pitchforks and lynch ropes.

GG got to witness one incident where a Fawnskinner began spitting venom before yelling and stomping out of the location.

It was inappropriate and yes, we all have our day, but behavior of multiple residents reflects on the entire town.

One of my favorite ministers did a sermon, “Get Over It” and what the unhappy residents need to know is that under the new management of Big Bear City Postmaster things have changed and will not be the same.

Deanna is not a Post Master, she follows the rules in response to directives given to her by her boss.

A 35 year resident of the Big Bear Valley, Deanna ASKED to be assigned here.

So, whether you like the change or not, please be courteous.

If you see another neighbor that cannot, consider taking him or her aside to remind them that this is a small town and pitching a fit or driving away another postal employee is not going to bring PM Mike back.

Mountain Lion Update

I talked with Fish & Wildlife representative Jeff about the mountain lion last week, urged by the local humane officer who was concerned over its presence.

He took in all of my information as we discussed the situation at length.

As GG has been reminding everyone over and over again, keeps pets in at dawn and dusk as well as through the night.

Dave Emig (always trying to get you some more beer awards for mentions Dave ;-)) personally took the time to share details about the incident with Tickle the Cat since it occurred near his house and in the tree in his yard.

Tickle took a stand against the mountain lion, fighting it until he escaped which explained all the defensive wounds.

Neighbors were unable to catch Tickle and assumed it was a domestic cat fight but when they turned the flashlight into the tree, they saw a mountain lion and promptly got everyone present into their houses.

Although they kept an eye out for Tickle, he was nowhere to be seen until he appeared here for help.

Jeff Villepique told me that predation on domestic cats is common but he will monitor the situation.

His opinion at this time is that he doesn’t think the lion is doing anything out of the ordinary.

Dave estimated the lion to be about 90 pounds or so which might be an immature or female.

I did learn something new, width of the pad of about two inches or so is probably a male while 1 3/4″ or below is likely a female.

GG still thinks this is a different cougar than previously encountered in the neighborhood, perhaps younger and more inexperienced and therefore taking pets.

Female ranges will overlap inside a males domain.

Jeff says that if the deer population is lower than normal, or if they have migrated off, that can be a trigger for pet predation as well.

Down near the Thai Buddhist Temple, a neighbor heard the lion.

Click here to hear cougar vocalizations.

GG Specific

Watch for an email from me to subscribers or check the post office billboard.

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2 Responses to “2 Days, 2 Cords & Wood Thieves

  • 1
    Moore on Mohawk
    October 17th, 2013 20:02

    RE: Postoffice personnel

    I’m a big one on giving a new person on a job, a chance to get acclimated, and so on. Tick, tick, tick : buzzzzzz times up ! UGH, jeeze, OMG !! Recently, I personally overheard one resident announce that their package had been there in the office for a day or so (the individual had personally tracked the package). Indeed it was there ! …. and was promptly and politely, handed over to the resident. You are so correct we have to get used to Mike not being there and a new order in place.

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    October 17th, 2013 20:15

    Yes, we have to train her. Hard to adjust but I am hoping for the best. We were all pretty spoiled after all.