Pine Cone Missiles & Snow

First Snow Big Bear 2013

So, after speculation, warnings and other musings…it began snowing in Big Bear yesterday.

We had flurries in the afternoon here in Fawnskin and the biggest worry was the wind chill and the pine cone missiles that were being dislodged from the pine trees.

My amble to the post office was precarious as I had to avoid the trajectory of some since they were not falling straight down but sideways into the street with a velocity I have not seen in some time.

GG was skeptical about the storm leaving 3-6 inches but when I arrived back home in the early evening, I had 2-3 inches already.

Now my wood guy got sick and so the delivery was delayed until early next week which found me lighting the furnaces much earlier than normal.

The good news is that two days ago I spent the time walking through the property after shutting off the outside water and winterizing…except for the faux double panes which I still need to put into place.

My efforts were focused on turning off the sprinklers and draining the lines in anticipation of snow and freezing temperatures.

I can’t remember so much snow this early and perhaps those who have been speculating about a heavy winter might be on to something, but since I am not a meteorologist, I couldn’t tell you for sure except the Farmers Almanac indicated an interesting trend this year.

Candlelight Fawnskin

Valley Wide Power Outage

Last night there was a valley wide power outage caused by a downed tree.

Consider this a reminder to have emergency supplies such as a heat source, light source, emergency rations as well as blankets and other supplies in your vehicles.

If you remember, the last time we had a long outage and no snow plowing of the side streets, many residents were without heat or other supplies for a long as seven days.

Taking precautions now will save your household any discomfort through the winter months should we have more incidents such as this since this is the second outage in a short time, it does not bode well.

NSIA Potluck

Just another reminder that the NSIA monthly potluck is Monday, October 14, 2013 .

GG is off the mailing list again *sigh* but happens to know that the speaker will be talking about bats in honor of the upcoming fall celebrations.

Yes, yes, it is a bit confusing but it is still fall despite having snow on the ground already!

Big Bear Disposal North Shore

Big Bear Disposal is having their grand opening of the north shore disposal site today and several Fawnskin representatives are attending.

Originally, Fawnskin Folks speculated that the disposal site would be built near the triangle area in Fawnskin.

One of the neighbors nearby in Big Bear City loves the facility because of the nice surrounding wall.

Her comment was that it would be nice if something was done about the storage yard nearby since it is such an eye sore for those coming into the valley.

Mountain Lion Pet Attack Investigation

GG emailed the local Department of Fish & Game concerning the latest run of attacks on pets.

If you have witnessed any (Sharon K, Dave E), please give Jeff a call at (909) 584-9012.

For those of you whose pets went missing or if you have found any remains, please let me know in the comments and if you have sighted the local lion, please also leave a comment with the description, photo and/or location.

I spoke with Animal Control last week, there are a lot of cats in the shelter at the moment.

Best practice is to be sure to call but to also drop by and check there if your feline friend is missing.

GG and the Humane Officer had a chat about this and the two theories are: 1)it is a younger cat who finds pets an easy target or 2) it is perhaps the lion that comes down this time every year but who is sick, injured or too old now to hunt normal prey.

Either way, it needs to be investigated for safety purposes.

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