Wood Work Party & Other Ideas in Fawnskin

Wood Fawnskin

GG took delivery on the winter wood and as I was sorting through the immense pile, it occurred to me that I need to be more creative.

Perhaps I can hold a wood work party, feed people and have a fun time while we are at it.

Trouble is, the only people I seem to know any more are older than I am, so might be too much.

But, as neighbor Hope is always looking for a new business idea, that is one to consider.

Of course I have a whole lot of smart a** ideas about it but best to keep those to myself.

Storm Aftermath

So the storm that dumped a few inches of snow was a bit more destructive than I like.

The party perch has been very quiet, which is unusual and I am wondering if Fawnskin Folks have noticed the same thing.

There is a huge absence of birds and the ones that migrate are all mixed up.

In the last week, I’ve also seen two birds drop from the sky and that is a bit odd.

Predators usually do the clean up…sorry, getting off track.

Anyway, I am having to do some clean up and repair after the heavy snow fall.

A few of the trees had limbs break and one of the smaller trees simply broke in half.

It seems a bit strange but the snow was super wet and heavy.

The good news is that the snow melted quickly so I could get the wood in and the chimney cleaned and repaired.

I usually wait until after fire season and do all that in October but this year it seems a bit late!

There is a new service in the area called Chimney Charm, not only did they schedule me right away, but also their prices were good AND they went above and beyond by also making sure the hearth and fireplace tools were in snip snap shape when they left.

My two go to guys this year are:

  • Nick at Chimney Charm (909) 585-2001
  • Jose Solano the best firewood guy ever: (951) 757-7535

Of course it is almost time for snow plow scheduling and Bob Varga is the man for that (951) 741-2934.

As always, tell ’em GG from the Fawnskin Flyer sent ‘cha.

Fawnskin Rock Stars

So today one of our local businesses is having lunch with County Supervisor James Ramos, and that is awesome.

GG’s nose is a bit out of joint since she can’t believe that she was not invited!

Anyway, the gal is one smart whipper-snapper and represented Fawnskin recently down in Dana Point where she won the award for best profit generating idea and got asked to speak at the state organization conference as well.

Fortunately, she didn’t let it go to her head.

There are a lot of businesses nestled in the hills who are making big waves around the nation and some internationally.

I’d love to have a complete list but haven’t had a lot of luck with that.

If you know of any local business doing big things countywide, let me know and I’ll pass the word…perhaps we can dominate the County Supervisor’s time and bend a few more ears.

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