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welcome back mike

So this week the talk of the town is all about PM Mike who was brought back to the Fawnskin Post Office after a whirlwind of activity that had the whole town talking and speculating.

GG was busy catching up after four days away, so she missed the big action down at the Fawnskin Post Office.

Between packing to move, and researching mold treatment for recovery, I’ve been off grid a lot.

In case you have not heard, a week ago today, two Postal Inspectors and a SBC sheriff arrived at our town and locked down the Post Office–forcing locals who needed service toward Big Bear City or the Big Bear Lake service options.

The sheriff also escorted the postal employee off the premises pending further investigation.

As a result, PM Mike was asked to come back and fill in for an “undetermined” amount of time.

Although the town is super relieved and happy over this latest development, GG is a bit concerned.

Why? I’ll tell you in  a minute.

fawnskin post office mike

When PM Mike arrived to work on Wednesday, he found a large amount of mail and packages scattered around the building.

GG suspects that mail delivery took place as usual and things were just dropped anywhere in absence of any staff.

However. over the next couple of days, PM Mike worked longer than normal to get mail and packages up and delivered.

Despite the old saying at the USPS of “If you know if, throw it…” meaning despite inaccurate addressing ,if you have the means to deliver the mail,  get it delivered, that has not been the case since the change in staff back in August.

The saying is not longer in alignment with the current practices and procedures of the USPS in today’s world.

Let me clarify, the issue in Fawnskin was that in accordance with direct orders from her boss, the Fawnskin PO employee was ordered to return everything not properly addressed.

Now, if you have lived in this area for any amount of time, you understand (and probably experience) the issues that arise from such an order due to problems attached to rural life and exception to the  norm.

For instance, banks and other agencies rely on computers and databases for their information and, in most of those cases, it causes issues because they do not adjust for rural exceptions to the rule.

Today, many people can’t think past their computer screen…but I digress.

Making sure the last four digits on zipcodes and box numbers are on any correspondence gets the mail delivered around these parts, but in absence of those, well–locals get screwed.

So, a flurry of complaints were filed (50 or more depending on the source I talked with) and checks, credit cards and gift cards went missing along with expected mail (both incoming and outgoing).

There were also longer delays on delivery on some items.

Then there were package issues that showed as being delivered to the Fawnskin Post Office, but when locals asked for them, they were simply not found.

Now, when you get into it, the activity last week down at the Post Office (the escorting of previous personnel out of the building) allegedly have nothing to do with the Post Office operations.


Also, if you have lived here for any amount of time, it smacks of similarities in personnel being escorted out previous to PM Mike being assigned here.


There were some other things amiss and you have to ask, does this have anything to do with the latest drama?

Hard tellin’ not knowin’ since getting a straight answer from the folks at USPS has been difficult at best–as we all know from personal experience.

Based on the poor behavior of a large number of the local postal customers, other area Post Office employees have so far refused to accept an assignment to the little Fawnskin Post Office.

Quite frankly, this is disappointing and not only reflects poorly on the town, but also may put the future of the Fawnskin Post Office in jeopardy.

And yes, I have to say, along with other locals, I am happy to have Mike back as well.

I stopped dropping by the Post Office on a daily basis after he left.

Hope this helps you get a better handle on the mystery of the FPO and the news about Mike.

As for the mold, thanks to those of you who are sharing tips.

If you know of a pharmacy with GSH nasal sprays, please leave the name in the comments.

For those still asking, I won’t know the entire treatment plan until I meet with doctors later this month.

Finally, I will be moved out of downtown Fawnskin by December 1st.

Perhaps you’ll see me coming in from the North Shore now and again until we figure out where I am landing next.

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