Moving Marathon Etc.,

GG is having a rest day (sort of, as much as I can in the midst of a move).

The moving marathon means my life consists of packing boxing, moving boxes and deciding what to get rid of.

Hence, not a lot of news for you today.

Eleven years in one location has resulted in a large accumulation of stuff.

In some cases, the decision of what to clear was made for me since, if mold reconstruction is not done correctly, it spreads mold spores throughout the area and since the room was not properly sealed during the work, it is likely why I’ve found more mold in different places but I ultimately suspect it is in the flooring.

Since the walls were not wiped down after work was done here, it is a discouraging mess. As a precaution, I am having to dump a lot of items and it is not fun.

But, when I arrived to Fawnskin, I came with only a few items so it isn’t something foreign to me and I wonder if I have cleared out enough.

Anyway, it has been a mad push to try and get the bigger items moved out prior to the snow storm which is expected to dump at least 4 to 8 inches of snow if Ben is right.

I had hoped that the storms would delay until Thanksgiving but no such luck, and I hear the rain pelting the window as I write.

The weather may keep me in which might be a good thing since I am recovering from yesterday’s events of working to beat the storm–and am sore.

The chiropractor just shook his head while he did his best to help me.

Special thanks to the neighborhood angels: Hatch, Rick, Mike and neighbor Jerry came to my rescue with trucks and manpower to get the big items out of here, up top and into my temporary location.

Neighbor Steve graciously invited me to move in when he heard about my dilemma a couple of days ago. I already had made plans, but the kindness and gesture is greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow I have more doctor appointments and next week I have another specifically to learn what I have to do in order to get a handle on my recovery treatment.

The sad thing is that I started exhibiting classic symptoms way back after the flooding in Fawnskin (2005-2006).

Unfortunately, my first doctor simply argued with me, insisting nothing was wrong; if he had spent more time listening, researching and testing, it could have mad a big difference in my quality of life over the past few years.

The best thing I did was to get another doctor. The good news is that I amy be able to get back to a full life again once I am out of this house.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to mold and due to the drier conditions around here, many people don’t think there is a problem.

However, in the past week I’ve learned of more issues around the valley.

In the meantime, I am continuing to pack in earnest.

I am holding a fiverr sale, meaning (with the exception of a few items) most everything can be taken away for five bucks.

You can preview here or watch for the announcement over on Facebook.

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