That Song in GG’s Head

wild turkey

GG loves Thanksgiving but this one is likely to be remembered simply because I am moving.

A lot of people have not ever seen wild turkeys and it was a joy to spend some time with my nephews a few years ago while seeing their excitement when wildlife entered the property.

We would rush to the window and spend time watching the turkeys forage through their “yard” and I just loved that this was a source of enjoyment for all of us.

My brother and his father-in-law went out hunting and then cooked up the turkey on the grill.


Wild turkey is not like the domesticated kind…but back to my lamenting…

The unexpected move has been a challenge since I am mostly doing everything myself.

My doctor’s were super supportive and I get into some of the recovery from the mold once I get out of here.

One of them insisted I write a book on the journey and said she would be the medical advisor on the project.

How is that for pressure? LOL

Anyway, I am not the youngster I once was but am happy that I am able.

However, it makes me wonder about it since I am hauling things up my vast number of stairs to the top.

Sadly, there are not a lot of youngsters around town or I’d have a pizza party and get them to help me move boxes, wood, etc.

Neighbor Jill told me that she was surprised I am still functioning.

My retort? The one thing my family is known for is strength of will.

In the meantime, to overcome the sadness and overwhelm, I am relying on my neighbors for coffee chats, hugs and company to keep me sane during this difficult transition.

In the meantime, I slug along.

The perks have been that a few neighbors helped move the furniture but there is a lot left.

Neighbor Linda showed up to help and I put her to work shredding papers as I continue to sort through the vast storage files from the olden days before digital and cloud storage were options.

It did wonders for me just having someone to help and chat with. Lots got done as a result and I hope she comes back again.

When it comes to papers, the walk through memory is not always pleasant but I hope to release those memories and re-emerge like the Phoenix from the ashes.

And yes, besides recycling a lot, some of the old stuff has been going up in flames.

In the meantime, the song Dori the fish sings is playing in my head but instead of chanting, “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” my mantra is “just keep packing, packing, packing….”

I already mentioned the Moose Lodge 2085 Fawnskin community turkey dinner and other holiday happenings.

Hope to see you there but it really depends on how much progress I make.

By the way, if you are so inclined to drop by to help, I’d be thankful!

…just keep packing, packing, packing.

Photo Credits: Seemann & Mennsatic

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2 Responses to “That Song in GG’s Head

  • 1
    Madonna Wilson
    November 30th, 2013 10:20

    Hi Girl;
    Nice to see you the other day; I am excited about your future recovery once you get out of mold haven – YUCH!
    Anyway hope you had a marvelous Turkey Day and indulged a bit. Be careful with all that lifting, I hope you can get a bit of help. Take care of yourself and hopefully you will enjoy the new place and finally find a bit of SERENITY. Come Spring, perhaps we can once again share a bit of the bubbly. God Bless You. Madonna

  • 2
    GG (Gossip Girl)
    December 4th, 2013 07:26

    Thanks Madonna, I’ve been researching recovery…looks like 90 days minimum. It was great to see both of you too. I ran into an old friend that day who was visiting the mountain so it was a lovely visit. Let me know when you are in town, I have to drop in to collect my mail at least once a week so I will be around now and again.