Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have a question? Chances are that you will find it here. This page will also help give you some direction on how to navigate around the Fawnskin Flyer.

How can I find specific stories or content?
There are several ways to look for content.

  • A Search Box is located in the upper right hand corner of at the top of the right hand of your screen. Just click the circle before fawnskinflyer.com and you can the Fawnskin Flyer via Google.
  • Category Links can be found on the right hand sidebar. You will eventually be able just to click on your choice and find all the content filed in that section. Since the Fawnskin Flyer was only recently moved over to this new format, it will take us some time to update all 700 plus pages and place them into the appropriate categories. Ultimately, this will help you find all the posts under a specific topic.
  • TAG Links are found within, and at the bottom, of every post. By clicking on the specific term, you will be directed to a location that will list all the posts tagged with that specific term. These are more specific searches than the categories and you will be able to find people, events, businesses, and clubs by name.
  • Recent Posts include the most recent round up and you can either scroll down the page to access them or click on the specific title on the sidebar to your right.
  • The Archives contain all the posts since the Fawnskin Flyer has been online. If you don’t know the title, want to catch up on your reading, or find out what was going on in a specific month or year–click into the month and year from the sidebar on your right.
  • The Main Navigation Bar is located in the main header area at the top of your screen. You can access the main index page, learn the history of the Fawnskin Flyer, get advertising rates and make payments for your ads, learn how to subscribe, and access what we consider the best of the Fawnskin Flyer. Only a few additional areas will be added.

How do I contact the Fawnskin Flyer?
The best contact is through the comment section. Just click the “Add Your Comment, Opinion, Complaint, Question” and submit with your name and email address. If you have a particular request, simply put that in the form.