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Zucchini Lasagna | High Altitude Cooking

So, I guess I shouldn’t tell you how long it took to prep and cook the lasagna that fed half the neighborhood… However, it has been a long time since I’ve fed neighbors. When I first moved to Fawnskin I often delivered goodies to the full-time locals. Sometimes it was because they were new in […]

Music & Mixing

So, GG thinks this weekend is going to be fabulous and spill into next week. I’ve been cleaning all the construction dust and what a nightmare that is. The dust is on the walls and inside and outside of the cabinets. But, it is good to be back on the party perch and the grotto […]

How Does Your Garden Grow in Fawnskin?

Fawnskin is a beautiful but rustic little place. One of the joys of living around these parts tends to be all the beautiful gardening efforts that locals and the NSIA put out toward the local beautification. After June, things tend to ramp up with neighbors diligently working to have a garden. These efforts happen annually […]

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