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Fawnskin Business Honored & Other Stuff

This week was a busy one in Fawnskin, first the NSIA Potluck was packed since it was the Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving happens to be my most favorite holiday since it is about being thankful, sharing food and fellowship. I’ve been venturing out once in a while between purging and packing, since the move out date […]

Wood Work Party & Other Ideas in Fawnskin

GG took delivery on the winter wood and as I was sorting through the immense pile, it occurred to me that I need to be more creative. Perhaps I can hold a wood work party, feed people and have a fun time while we are at it. Trouble is, the only people I seem to […]

Mountain Lion, Resources & Roadwork

So, I was wrong about the cat, upon closer inspection the she turned out to be a he…but what a sweet, sweet cat. If you know who owns him, he is at the Big Bear Animal Shelter. GG doesn’t have the stomach to have another pet in town injured or eaten by the mountain lion […]

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