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Lunatics Etc | GG’s TOT

There are a lot of different types of lunatics out there and for some reason they have been coming out in force this 4th of July holiday. My sister, who is a mortician at a hospital, says she always knows when it is a full moon based on the suicides and other aberrant behavior that […]

After Amgen | GGs TOT

Instead of enjoying the frivolity in Fawnskin, GG was over at the main Amgen event in Big Bear Lake. Why? I had a lapse of sanity and when my pal pleaded with me to assist the event office, I gave in. So, I spent the day in the insanity instead of on my deck in […]

Big Bear Snow Play

In Big Bear snow is expected this week–which is great news! If you are planning a trip, the ideal time to enjoy the slopes and surrounding amenities without a lot of competition is midweek, but if you can’t come up midweek don’t fret because you can still enjoy the great outdoors and all that the […]

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