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Wood Work Party & Other Ideas in Fawnskin

GG took delivery on the winter wood and as I was sorting through the immense pile, it occurred to me that I need to be more creative. Perhaps I can hold a wood work party, feed people and have a fun time while we are at it. Trouble is, the only people I seem to […]

Stormy in Fawnskin

So this week we got some much needed rain. Seeing the dismal state of Grout Creek made me sad and the ground elsewhere is sucking up water big time. Perhaps we’ll see some rise in the water level but I am not holding my breath. One of the neighbors was saying that his favorite fishing […]

Eagle Eye

So, GG has an eagle eye…but thanks to Captain John, I caught this breaking news action video of the bald eagle nest. Have not been able to really see if from my perch as I need a stronger scope, or maybe I am just a little bit lost with the new location. Anyway, he was […]

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