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Loud Mouth Bird Babies | GG’s TOT

Above: Hear the baby white-headed woodpecker & see baby flickers on the party perch! GG has been up with the birds lately–mostly because of loud mouth baby birds! You see, they haven’t quite mastered eating on their own and so spend a lot of energy screaming at their parents for food. I especially love the […]

Crazy Contractors Etc., | GG’s TOT

According to one participating local, the shoreline clean-up was a big success followed by a tasty BBQ. One thing about Fawnskin Folks, everyone loves to socialize and snack together. Here at the Grotto, GG had a contractor working in the neighborhood behave badly and threaten her. What the heck is wrong with people who come […]

Ducks on the Deck | GG’s TOT

So, another TOT? Yep, for some reason a few people think that nothing ever happens around here but quite frankly, GG is having a hard time keeping up with this new publishing schedule because things keep happening and new info keeps arriving. But first…yes, I shot the breaking action news video of the eagle on […]

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