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Jack is Back in Fawnskin!

So, the highlight for GG this week was not only seeing Jack, the bald eagle that hatched and fledged right here in Fawnskin last year, but also watching two adult eagles in an aerial mating display. I first heard them calling out to each other on Saturday, then late Sunday I ventured out onto the […]

The Cougar & The Harvest

If you remember, about a month ago I mentioned the cougar sightings happening around town. However, I got a first hand report from Cari who lived up on Cedar Dell. She and her dog were walking up Mohawk at dusk, on the way home after their jaunt. Suddenly, her dog stopped cold. Since the dog […]

Fawnskin This Week | GG’s TOT

Since last week things have seemed a bit quiet around here. Out on the party perch I’ve been watching an assortment of avian predators over Grout Bay. My favorite tends to be the Osprey but perched nearby or soaring over my head on a daily basis are the Red Tail Hawk, Red Shouldered Hawk and […]

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