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Farewell Fawnskin

Hey! It’s GG! Have you missed me? Truth is that each Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful I am still alive but also makes me ponder Fawnskin. If you missed the update last year, read Fawnskin Revisited for the story. I figured one last post is in order. Now despite rumors about being run outta […]

Fawnskin Revisited

Happy Thanksgiving! So, have you missed me? Believe it or not, some Fawnskin Folks have and since I’ve been asked a number of times to post an update on my progress, I thought I’d oblige. Now and again I visit Fawnskin off the radar. A couple of neighbors made sure I have had a place […]

Allergies Dogs Etc

So it would appear that Fawnskin has a new dog man…neighbor Mike has been making regular excursions to the unofficial dog park with his dogs and a few of the neighborhood canines. The animals love it and adore him and not only has he been picking up any poop they deposit but he also has […]

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