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Fawnskin Fire Revisited | GG’s TOT

Things have been hot around Fawnskin, as of Monday afternoon the containment of the Fawnskin Fire was 60% with estimates that it will be out by Friday. GG was listening to the scanner early on and winced over some of the information. A Washington plated vehicle was initially reported in the area. I heard the […]

Flurry of Fun | GG’s TOT

GG apologies for the late post, I woke up nauseated after another long day down the hill getting checked and tested again. Overall, this gal is doing better but this month has been tough. So, my theory is that I got a bit dehydrated since I can’t think of any other reasons I might be, […]

After Amgen | GGs TOT

Instead of enjoying the frivolity in Fawnskin, GG was over at the main Amgen event in Big Bear Lake. Why? I had a lapse of sanity and when my pal pleaded with me to assist the event office, I gave in. So, I spent the day in the insanity instead of on my deck in […]

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