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Exciting Fawnskin!

Above: Eileen Downey (with Meryl the new curator of the BBHS Museum) gets a nice cert of appreciation from the Big Bear Historical Society. Never a dull moment around these parts–and you thought I was going to write about camping. Just can’t do it, instead you get all the exciting news. The problem is, where […]

Cabin in the Sky

Somehow the hail and rain missed my house yesterday but my brave neighbors joined Chris (of the Big Bear Historical Society) to tromp up hill to eventually find the infamous Cabin in the Sky, a historical point of interest here in Fawnskin. Around these parts it can sometimes be hard to find such treasures but […]

Rebels of Fawnskin & Doo Dah

One of the reasons that I enjoy living in Fawnskin is because the place is filled with independent minds and renegades. In fact, I think that is a prerequisite to being able to live here. Which is why, of course, I fit right in. True to form, I was alerted to the fact that many of the […]

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