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Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade Dumped?!

As reported previously, the Fawnskin Doo Dah Parade once had the distinction of making the Guinness Book of World Records and in 2009 celebrated the 33rd year of Doo Dah (click over for links to previous coverage and photos). Rumors circulating through town are that the event has been cancelled–but the Old Miners Day schedule […]

Jordan Romero Adventures

Above: CNN segment with Jordan Romero So, if you catch this early enough Jordan Romero is scheduled to appear on a variety of television shows today including the Today Show (NBC National), Fox (Fox National), MSNBC (MSNBC National), CNN Newsroom (CNN National), 20-20 Interview (ABC National). One of Team Jordan’s sponsors, Network Innovations is posting […]

Jordan Romero of Fawnskin

Above: Congratulations to local boy, Jordan Romero for taking action to make his dreams come true! So, although I don’t normally post over the weekend–Jordan Romero accomplished his goal last night so I had to announce it in the “local” rag. You know I always have fun reminding the “official” sources about how nothing ever […]

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