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Fawnskin Business Honored & Other Stuff

This week was a busy one in Fawnskin, first the NSIA Potluck was packed since it was the Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving happens to be my most favorite holiday since it is about being thankful, sharing food and fellowship. I’ve been venturing out once in a while between purging and packing, since the move out date […]

3Ms Moving, Mike & Mystery

So this week the talk of the town is all about PM Mike who was brought back to the Fawnskin Post Office after a whirlwind of activity that had the whole town talking and speculating. GG was busy catching up after four days away, so she missed the big action down at the Fawnskin Post […]

Mold Move

The mold move countdown has begun. GG was out of town for a few days and now the clock is ticking. In between working, packing and traveling, I have been doing some research into the mold. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there. In the above video, things get a bit more technical […]

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