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High Altitude Baker-at-Large Comparison: Lemon Poppy Seed Loaves

I recently asked a couple of locals to test two recipe books on high altitude baking. Here is the preliminary report from one such baker-at-large… Being a bit of a cooking geek, I was drawn to Pie in the Sky. I loved the carefully calculated charts for varying altitudes. I loved the descriptions of her […]

Food Glorious Food…NOT

So, it seems like once again–I hit a nerve. Comments about the lousy restaurant food up here are being posted because…where else is there to vent? Funny you should ask… At one time I had a reader who actually took photos and reviewed the local restaurants–are you still reading? Send me the link if you […]

Big Bear Makes the NY Times

Did you encounter the CalTrans crew fixing up North Shore Drive? I sure did–but I was happy to see them finally fixing the road. Now, I’d rather see a nice asphalting and drainage project but guess we can’t have everything we want all at once. Which is why I still think making the main access […]

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